The ultimate treatment to target most skin concerns, Dermafrac incorporates 4 proven treatments into the one session- microdermabrasion, skin needling, active ingredient infusion and LED light therapy- stunning results with little to no downtime!



The ultimate treatment to roll back the years, this revolutionary treatment uses skin needling to stimulate tissue regeneration. The thickening of the dermis through increased collagen production dramatically improves skin texture. If you suffer from uneven, dull or lifeless skin, wrinkles, open pores, pigmentation or scarring then skin needling is your solution.


Series of 3 $345
Series of 6 | $625
Added to another facial treatment $60

This system of intense exfoliation and resurfacing will eliminate dead skin cell build up and rejuvenate the skin. Collagen production is stimulated resulting in firmer, younger looking skin. Over a series of treatments you will notice a reduction in fine lines, refinement of enlarged pores, elimination of blackheads and a reduction of sun-induced pigment blemishes.

Treatment includes a gentle Fruit Enzyme Peel and mask application tailored to skin condition.


Series of 3 | $285
Series of 6 | $500
Added to another facial treatment $60

No matter what your skin care concerns this lactic acid derived peel guarantees exceptional results every time. This unique peel is powerful yet gentle, so suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Different strengths are utilised according to the skins needs.

Series of 3 | $330
Series of 6 | $600

A truly remarkable and unique treatment to rapidly clear away the appearance of brown spots, hormonal marks and other skin discolorations and visibly restore clarity to your complexion. Pigmentation doesn’t stand a chance!


Series of 3 | $330
Series of 6 | $600

This peel is excellent for spots, excessive oiliness or clogged pores. The Amazonian Detox Peel will help you to achieve pure, clear, healthy looking skin by gently resurfacing with BHA’s and purifying with a blend of rainforest botanicals.


Series of 3 | $390
Series of 6 | $700

An extremely effective yet gentle peel that even the most sensitive of skins can tolerate. Brilliant for plumping and hydrating, fine lines are reduced, skin is strengthened and re-texturised.


Series of 3 | $495

Our “Rolls Royce” of skin peels, this incredibly effective Vitamin A based peel feeds the skin like no other building the lower layer (dermis) of skin for superior skin rejuvenation results.


Series of 9 taken over 3-4 weeks | $705
Added to another facial treatment $55

Utilising LED technology developed by NASA for improved wound healing and tissue growth, this non-invasive treatment delivers effective rejuvenation to all skin types. Two different wavelengths of light are used to stimulate responses in the skin that provide preventative and corrective treatments.


Added to another facial treatment $50

This treatment utilises sound waves to deliver high levels of active ingredients deep into the skin. The intense penetration of vitamins into the skin greatly assists in lightening discoloration and plumps up the deeper layers with new collagen, filling out lines and firming the skin.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) involves very intense, short bursts of light being applied to the skin. A number of responses are triggered in the skin resulting in an increase in collagen production, improved circulation, strengthening of the skin and increased hydration. A significant reduction of brown and red areas of discoloration is evident after a series of treatments as is a softening of lines and reduction in pore size.

$45 | Redeemable on first treatment

Full Face
Series of 6 | $995

Neck and Decolletage
Series of 6 | $995

Face, Neck & Decolletage
Series of 6 |$1495

Series of 4 | $440

Spot Treatment    
From $40

Combination Therapy

To fast track results, we combine different modalities together into one treatment that enhance each other, giving you maximum impact.

Maximum Youth

Microdermabrasion, Max7 Light Therapy and Sonophoresis Vitamin Infusion combined in one treatment.
1 Treatment | $169
Series of 3 | $465
Series of 6 | $845


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