Cosmetic Medical Proceedures

A free consultation is available for all cosmetic procedures. Our highly experienced cosmetic injecting nurse is happy to answer your questions and recommend suitable treatment. She can then give you a quote according to your individual requirements.

We can treat frown lines, forehead lines, crows’ feet, migraine headaches and teeth grinding. We also offer what is known as the “Nefertiti Lift”- a non-surgical lower facelift providing stunning results.

Dermal filling injections are used to plump out fine lines, deep lines and smokers’ lines around the mouth. They are wonderful for creating fuller lips, more prominent cheekbones, a more defined jaw and any other facial contouring.

This wonderful treatment provides relief from excessive underarm sweating or sweating of the palms and feet.

Before & After

Highly trained nurses provide anit-wrinkle injections at the salon on a monthly basis.

Call us to book a free consultation with our nurse.


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